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Fall Start-up Dates

August 30 (T) – Parent Orientation Meeting
September 6-7 (T-W) – Parent-Child-Teacher Conferences
September 8 (Th) – Open House for Parents, Children, and Teachers

  • 9:00-9:45 am – 1-Day 2’s
  • 10:00-10:45 am – 4-Day 4’s
  • 11:00-11:45 am – 3-Day 3’s

September 12 (M) – First Day of School for 4-Day 4’s, 3-Day 3’s
September 13 (T) – First Day of School for 1-Day 2’s

Board Members

President: Sarah Lichtel
Vice President: Amanda Krems
Secretary: Laura Wang
Treasurer: Christy Bennett

Board Representatives
1-Day 2's: Adam Pratt
3-Day 3's: Lydia Hoffman
4-Day 4's: Avory Harman Link
At Large: Anya Griffith

Teacher/Director: Molly Gareis
Teacher/Assistant Director: Emma McMillan
Teacher: Grace Cunningham

Major Commitments

Fundraising Committee: Audrey Smiddy (Chair), Amy Limoncelli, Courtney Miller

Communications Coordinator: Korena Howley

Health Chair: Hilary Marcus

Scholastic Books: Amanda Strable

Playground/Equipment Committee: David and Roberta Sulouff, Cesar Ward and Antonia Hertzler, Jonathan and Jennifer Wallace

Recycling: Tanja McMahan

Garden Coordinator: Julianne Davison, Kate Koconis

Auditor: Richard Paulk

Supplies Purchaser: Emma McMillan