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Calendar 2019-2020

Aug. 27: Parent Orientation

Sept. 3–5: Parent Teacher Conferences
Sept. 6: Open House
Sept. 9: First Day for 4-Day 4's, 3-Day 4's, 3-Day 3's
Sept. 10: First Day for 2-Day 3's, 2-Day 2's
Sept. 13: First Day for 1-Day 2's

Oct. 24-25: School Pictures
Oct. 30: Halloween Parade for 3-Day 3's and 3-Day 4's
Oct. 31: Halloween Parade for 2-Day 3's and 4-Day 4's

Nov. 7-8: NO SCHOOL, Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 27-29: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 16: Holiday Open Houses: 4-Day 4's, 3-Day 4's, 3-Day 3's
Dec. 14: Holiday Open Houses: 2-Day 3's, 2-Day 2's, 1-Day 2's
Dec. 18–Jan 5: Winter Holiday

Jan. 6: School Reopens
Jan. 20: NO SCHOOL, MLK Day
Jan. 21: NO SCHOOL, Mid-year clean-up

Feb. 3: Registration, Current Families
Feb. 10: Registration, Siblings, Former Co-op Families
Feb. 17: NO SCHOOL, President's Day
Feb. 18: Registration, New Families

March 5-6: NO SCHOOL, VAECE Conference

Apr. 6-10: NO SCHOOL, Spring Break
Apr. 16-17: NO SCHOOL, Parent Teacher Conferences

May 21-22: Last Days of School
May 26: End of year clean-up, teachers only
May 27: End of year clean-up

Board Members

President: Olivia Tullo
Vice President: Michelle Ballin
Secretary: Laurel Henshaw
Treasurer: Christy Bennett

Board Representatives
1-Day 2's: Molly Shook
2-Day 2's: Sarah Parks
2-Day 3's: Danielle Barger
3-Day 3's: Laura Wang
3-Day 4's: Meghan Freeman
4-Day 4's: Cynthia Ruppert
At Large: Sharon Pinto
At Large: Jennifer Taylor

Director/Teacher: Molly Gareis
Assistant Director/Teacher: Emma McMillan
Teacher: Sue Barton
Teacher: Angie James
Teacher: Lisa Old
Teacher: Kim Reiter

Major Commitments

An Occasion for the Arts: Merit Anglin, Elizabeth Edwards, Ellyse Howell
FISH Coordinator: Laura Atkins
Fundraising Chair: Ashley Heacock
Fundraising Committee: Ashley Broderick, Dina Elharon, Anna Fiorello, Annalyn Hughes, Tara Jones, Brian Robinson, Laura Robinson, Jill Walton
Garden Coordinator: Patricia and Ken Rosas-Barber, Perla Futscher
Health Chair: Laurie Booth
Historian: Chiara Carroll
Playground/Equipment: Amy and Pete Berquist, Sarah and Patrick O'Brien, Chelsea and Justin White
Publicity Chair and Website Coordinator: Julie Tucker
Recycling Coordinator: Emily Frezza
Scholastic Book Chair: Becky Scherbring
Visitation Coordinators: Angie James, Lisa Schroth
Auditor: Richard Paulk
Supplies Purchaser: Emma McMillan